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About Us

Exposure to life benefiting resources and tools help enrich a family's long term wealth at a generational level.


In many lower income community households the goal is simple, make it out alive living day by day. At times, being able to save money might not be possible in order to make ends meet let alone think about methods to improve your financial situation through real estate, life insurance, starting a business, etc.


But what if we could change this narrative?

What if we could pin point the needs and instead bring that missing knowledge IN to these communities and make it available?

THAT is what we are here to do.

Adult Students

Mission Statement

Help those who cannot help themselves.

Equipping our community,

one diamond in the rough at a time.


To aid the lower income communities by providing the tools, resources, and exposure to life building educational fundamentals with the goal of enriching their lives and future.

Smiling Teacher
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